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Rebalance Holistic

Expert Health, well-being, holistic and beauty treatments by Sharon Thomas.

Rebalance Holistic

Expert Health, well-being, holistic and beauty treatments by Sharon Thomas.

Our Vision

Helping to improve resilience and well-being for all.

We provide professional, confidential and supportive health and wellbeing services for adults, minority groups such as LGBT, children and young people.

These services include early interventions for vulnerable young people and associated stress prevention, treatment and health promotion initiatives for all.

Our caring professionals provide practical support, advice and treatment for everyone from children and young people to adults dealing with anxiety, bullying, depression and the issues associated with it.

“Just had the most amazing pregnancy reflexology treatment. So relaxing and instantly feel pain relief. Thank you so much.” Lauren B, Facebook review

What We Offer

Some of our most popular treatments

Reflexology and Back & Shoulder massage

Relief for many acute and chronic health conditions; Release from mental stress and tension; Improvements in digestion, circulation and sleep; Rebalance of the body’s mechanisms to ensure optimum performance; Increase in energy; Prevention of illness and conditions. Then a stress releasing back, neck & shoulder massage to give ultimate relief.

Neal's Yard Facial & Hot Stones Back Massage

The Neal’s Yard facial combines skin nourishment and soothing massage, leaving skin feeling fresher and looking clearer and more radiant. It is a traditional hands-on facial with the following steps: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask, and moisturise. Neal’s Yard is an aromatherapy based product range. Our most popular aromas are rose, white tea frankincense. I also use pressure points also to relief tension and stress from the face and creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm.

Hot Stones or Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder or Full Body Massage

Massage increases and improves circulation, reduces anxiety, helps ease Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia related to stress, Soft tissue strains or injuries, Sports injuries including joint pain. Improves general well being and drains fluid. Acupressure can be added for many conditions £5 extra.

Why Choose Us

Changing lives, for the better.

We provide professional and effective support for service users at all stages for transitions, helping them to make clear decisions through meditation, mindfulness workshops, self confidence workshops, holistic therapies and yoga as not one thing works for everyone.

We can offer daily interactions that build self-esteem, confidence, resilience, self-efficacy and a sense of belonging, we can equip people with the wellbeing tools that could act as protective factors against mental illness for their entire lives.

The Rebalance Holistic Benefits

Relaxation & Stress Management

Improves digestive function and circulation


Relieving muscular tension and keeping the back, neck and joints moving.


Relief from eye strain, tension headaches and sinusitis


Helps with insomnia and fatigue


Releases anxiety and stress


Lowers Blood Pressure


Promotes feelings of calm, clarity and well-being


Stimulates the lymphatic system aiding the removal of toxins


Managing anxiety and building self esteem


Improves circulation and promotes hair growth in Indian head massage.


Improves concentration, eases mental tiredness


Boosts energy levels


Boosts your immune system


Releases stagnant energy


Improve circulation in the legs and feet with massage


Improves flexibility in the feet and ankles


about Us

Meet Sharon & Sarah-Jane

We hope you will contact us to enhance your business or school we are really passionate about improving outcomes and performance by working on a deeper level for the best emotional and physical support package available.

Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas

Holistic, Well-Being Therapist & Owner

I started my journey as a holistic therapist in 2004 and have always had an interest in learning more about balancing the body to help it work to its best ability. I helped many friends and family through stressful times and when people have suffered anxiety and depression or low mood or just needed a nice relaxing treatment.

In my treatments I have a commitment to using the very best products for maximum efficiency of the treatment time. I use doTTERA oils in remedial Massage and Reflexology as their is an oil for every situation necessary. The Deep Blue brings a new dimension to muscle relief and is also working well with sciatic pain. I use oils for inflammation which in turn eases the pain and gives relief. We have some amazing citrus oils which can lift a mood and help energise a person. We also have the relaxing oils like Lavender and Serenity which can bring an amazing sense of calm and peace. I also offer Aromatouch technique which is a unique uplifting experience using essential oils that can be used at any time. Sharing the power of aroma touch is a gift, different factors in our daily life can have an impact on our overall well-being aroma touch can help. The specific Oils used in combination with human touch provide multiple benefits no matter what situation comes you can feel empowered. The overall scent of aroma touch is soothing light and pleasant to the senses. Physical touch is important as it has amazing healing benefits although the main purpose of this technique is to apply the oils and provide the recipients with an essential oil experience. Aromatouch is about connecting with another person on an emotional level. The connection is developed through aroma touch from feelings of trust and help the recipient relax the aroma touch technique uses certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils which each oil goes through rigorous testing this testing is crucial to ensure each bottle is potent and pure with the appropriate chemistry for the positive benefits such as gentle and can be adapted to accommodate young or sensitive skin so everyone can benefit without overwhelming the body.

I am also a Yoga Teacher which has given me a new dimension on the muscles and how the body works which we can integrate into treatments. As always I was looking at better ways to help people and I have teamed up with Sarah Jayne Fortune who owns Yoga Well-Being. We found we were very similar in our goals, passions and motivation. We offer workshops, individual treatments and courses which provide effective support that build self-esteem, confidence, resilience, self- efficacy and a sense of belonging and help people get their goal of living and physically mentally and spiritually balanced lifestyle. Guidance comes from Ayurveda which is the science of life, which is implemented in my consultations.

I have also been introduced to Cote and Madison in Menston through Yoga well- being which will be another place I practice my holistic therapy. I am very excited to join the team and work in this stunning environment. I am committed to deliver clients and exceptional treatments which results in deep relaxation and improved well being.

Sarah-Jane Fortune

Sarah-Jane Fortune

Teacher, Coach & Business Owner

After completing my art degree in 1999 I joined Mark & Spencer. During my 13 years with M&S I worked within all genres of store management but my speciality became finance, operations, logistics, HR, training and development. Working within the corporate world dealing with my own stress and the stress of the staff working within the business I could see a need for a different form of stress management to manage the wellbeing of our employees. There sadly wasn’t anything on offer apart from the general advice of go and see your GP.

I began practicing Yoga seriously 18 years ago. As my passion grew I found myself upon a journey to become a Yoga instructor. Yoga and exercise eased my own stress. I began teaching along side my role with M&S on evenings and weekends. My own stress, divorce and depression lead me to leave M&S in 2012. I took the step to qualify as a fitness instructor and personal trainer gaining experience working in gyms.

I am a fully certified and insured Yoga, Pilates and mediation teacher. I hold qualifications in Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and yoga philosophy and history. I also specialise in mindfulness for pregnancy and children’s yoga. I write and develop meditation for mental health and wellbeing. I also run yoga teacher training and spiritual development workshops. An angel healing therapist with certifications within a shamanism, herbalism, trance healing and CBT for mental health. I hold various fitness and nutritional qualifications including fitness level 2, 3 and 4 and also coach bodybuilders to competition level.

In 2013 I opened Yoga Wellbeing a small business teaching yoga, mediation and fitness. This grew and in 2017 I opened Wellbeing Lounge Coffee shop and holistic centre. We have grown into a thriving local business employing yoga and fitness instructors for a variety of classes.

Sharon and I through our experience working with clients who suffer greatly from anxiety, stress and depression, teamed up in 2018 to deliver Wellbeing Rebalance. Our similar history working in the corporate world, our own personal experiences and qualifications give us something unique to offer corporate business in assisting the wellbeing of their staff. With a team of staff and instructors we deliver the entire package for mind body and soul.

Sarah-Jane Fortune


What People Are Saying

"My daughter attended a pamper session today for her 12th Birthday. She thoroughly loved it, felt like a real princess, facial and make up tutorial. Highly recommended. Can't wait to book myself and my mum in now 😁"

Gemma B

Facebook Review

"Went to see Sharon tonight following a lot of trouble with my back and shoulder. After an initial assessment a hot stone massage worked wonders and has really helped ease the pain and aid the motion I have in my shoulder.

I’d highly recommend this fantastic professional service to anyone 👍👍 see you again next week!!"

Adam R

Facebook Review

"What a beautiful hot stones treatment very lovely friendly lady can't wait to come back next week for my second treatment thank you again can't recommend Sharon enough xx"

Stacey H

Facebook Review

"Had the best back message today. Sharon you worked wonders on me. thank you cya in 2 weeks xxx "


Facebook Review

"Found myself getting very stressed all the time, came to Sharon and the difference is amazing. I continue to see Sharon to help and would highly recommend to everyone.

Absolutely fabulous lady"


Facebook Review

Our Workshops

Self Confidence, Anger Management Sessions for Children & Teens, Mindfulness & Stress Management

Children and Young people face many pressures and stresses and often experience difficulty in communicating their feelings and emotions and dealing with them.

In the workshops I use mindfulness, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, crystals and massage either hand, feet or head to offer them tools to deal with their feelings and to enhance their sense of self-worth.

An individual package can be tailored for your needs, although I have a full DBS certificate and first aid certificate parents of children under 16 should be present and written consent given. We can also offer 1 to 1 sessions with a parent and child.

Get in touch with Sharon to book a place by calling 07588699809 today. Prices range from £15 to £40

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When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing essential oils gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.

Each doTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils.

While there is a science to the distillation of essential oils, it is also an art. Distillers not only rely on years of experience, they also employ modern technologies and techniques.



Oxidative Stress – The No.1 Cause of Ageing. Oxidative Stress is the root cause of ageing in our bodies – as well as increasing your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Peel an apple and leave it for a short while and you will see an example of oxidisation. Being exposed to the air (oxygen) it begins to decompose – and a similar process is happening every minute of the day in our bodies.

You may well have at least heard the term Oxidative Stress as it has become more widely known over the last few years. It comes hand in hand with a much greater awareness of the existence of Free Radicals in our bodies – and the importance of Antioxidants to neutralise them.

Oxidative Stress is the excess production of Free Radicals, over the ability of our body to neutralise them with Antioxidants.

Fighting Free Radicals with Antioxidants. Antioxidants are created naturally in our bodies as well as being boosted by eating the right foods. Up until our mid-twenties most of us are able to produce enough Antioxidants to counteract the number of Free Radicals being created. However, around this age our body’s ability to create enough Antioxidants to fight an increasing number of Free Radicals diminishes and so we begin to see the signs of ageing. And have a higher propensity to potentially chronic diseases.

Whilst the benefits of eating more antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables such as blueberries, strawberries, kale & spinach are widely known, it is impossible to eat enough of these foods to neutralise the amount of Free Radicals being generated. And to therefore make any significant difference to the battle in our bodies against Oxidative Stress.

There are additional ways to boost your intake with a wide variety of supplements, but the drawback of introducing Antioxidants to the body in this way is that the benefits are short-lived and can only tackle a limited number of Free Radicals.

The NEW Way To Combat Oxidative Stress

But now there’s a new and much more effective way to reduce Oxidative Stress – and slow down the signs of ageing. A supplement that rather than introducing Antioxidants directly into your body, stimulates & reignites its ability to produce significantly more Antioxidants for itself.

In fact the supplement, which we call ‘the little yellow pill’, is not actually that new. It first became available in 2006 and since then has not only gathered many thousands of glowing

testimonials of its benefits, but also an increasing number of ‘peer–reviewed’ and published clinical studies which are recognised & respected worldwide.

It is made with a patented formula of extracts from five potent botanicals; Turmeric, Green Tea, Bacopa, Milk Thistle & Ashwagandha.

To find out more about how to naturally reduce Oxidative Stress and slow down the effects of ageing in your body then check out the video below, or click on this link.

The fact that Oxidative Stress is real and damages our bodies is not in doubt, neither is it that Antioxidants are the key to reversing the anti-ageing process.

This natural supplement turns current (until now) thinking on its head by helping your body to kick-start its own natural Free Radical fighting Antioxidant process, rather than the continuous pursuit of taking on board more and more external Antioxidants.

Ready to make a change for yourself or a loved one?

Get in touch with me directly. I'll look forward to hearing from you. 

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Telephone: 07588699809


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